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About Us

Founded in 2000, Z10 Motorsports Inc. has a vision to manufacture premium, custom engineered components to solve problems associated with high-performance import cars. Our President and CEO, Robert Schultz, Jr. has a sincere passion for this type of work. Currently located in New Jersey, Rob opened Z10 Motorsports based on the need for quality custom engineered parts to be manufactured on a production basis. All of our parts are designed by experienced engineers and manufactured by trained technicians. Using the latest CAD/CAM software on state of the art CNC machines, all of our fabricated components are laser cut and TIG welded to precision that is second to none. 

The Z10 Radius Arm Traction System was created to solve the recurring problem of wheel hop and lower control arm deflection on front-wheel drive Hondas, which can tremendously impact a cars performance. The system successfully eliminates wheel hop and allows for complete suspension travel WITHOUT binding! This enables you to launch a harder and increase 60-foot times. For the road racing application it promotes increased handling response and braking ability. The Z10 Block Girdle was designed based on the need for a stabilizing component on high-performance Honda engine blocks. When high-RPMs and increased horsepower is applied to a stock Honda block, the main webbing has a tendency to deflect which can cause bearing damage and crank shaft failure. The Z10 Block Girdle allows you to rev the engine at high-RPMs, giving you a safer, stronger and more stable block. 

Through extensive research and development, Z10 Motorsports has been able to make available the highest quality, custom, engineered products for high-performance import cars. When you make a purchase with Z10 Motorsports, a portion of the sale is redirected back into product development. This ensures that our efforts are a continued endeavor to make available cutting edge, HARD CORE, premium, engineered custom performance racing components. At Z10 Motorsports, we are INNOVATORS, not duplicators!